Children usually enter Brackenfield Nursery at the age of two years old. Pupils move to the Pre-Prep Department in September following their fourth birthday. Children automatically transfer to the Prep Department in the September following their seventh birthday. Pupils remain at Brackenfield until the end of Year 6 (aged 11).

Attendance in the Pre-Nursery class is flexible from one session (mornings or afternoons) per week through to five full days (8.30am–5.55pm) per week. Most children start with two or three sessions and gradually increase their attendance as they progress through the Nursery class where pupils attend for at least five mornings a week. There is also the option to start at 7.30am in our Breakfast Club.

The transition to the Reception class commences during the Spring Term to ensure that each child is fully prepared for their move to the Pre-Prep Department in the Autumn.

Entry to the Nursery is not selective as we believe it is too early to subject children to rigorous tests and interviews. Consequently places are awarded according to availability. We operate a registration process and advise all parents hoping to secure a place at Brackenfield to register their child as early as possible.

All children wishing to join Brackenfield are invited to attend for a Taster Day with the year group they would join. They are observed at work and play, and invited to demonstrate their ability.

Children wishing to join the Prep Department also join their prospective year group for Taster Days. During their time at the school they meet a number of key staff members and complete an informal assessment with the class teacher. Whilst the results from these exercises are considered when offering a child a place at Brackenfield, we always look at each child as an individual and take into consideration their wider skills and attributes.

We do not discriminate against any child and allow for diversity and inclusion within our setting. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and the 2005 amendments lay down a legal obligation on us to consider those designated disabled or disadvantaged, using as far as possible the same criteria as for all other children. We will however carry out an additional review of any individual circumstances and requirements, and assess our ability at the school to meet those needs. If we are able to meet those needs by making reasonable adjustments we will do so.

If you would like to arrange a visit to Brackenfield, or receive a copy of our prospectus, please contact the School Office.