Individual Learning

Small classes and individual attention encourage all children in the School to achieve their maximum potential. Any difficulties identified by the class teacher are discussed with parents. The child may be referred to our Individual Learning Department, Dyslexia Action or other suitable organisations for a detailed assessment.

Prior to a child starting at Brackenfield it is the responsibility of the parents to advise the school of any known difficulties. This allows the school to ascertain whether it has the relevant expertise to teach the child in an appropriate way.

The school does not deem itself to be able to diagnose “technical” learning difficulties, although it will signpost parents if it considers there may be a need to do so. This is normally undertaken by an external organisation, such as Dyslexic Action. Reports or recommendations received from such organisations will form the basis for specialist tuition by both the Individual Learning Department and class teachers.

All learning support is delivered on a one-to-one or small group basis. Some children simply need a helping hand for a few months, whilst others continue to receive assistance throughout their time at Brackenfield.

The expertise of the Individual Learning Department will also serve to extend the skills and knowledge of our most able pupils, in order to ensure they reach their full potential.