Welcome to Brackenfield Nursery

From the first day a child joins us, we help prepare them for school, ensuring our children are Reception ready.  The nursery offers coordinated activities that will encourage your child in the development of social skills, and the rapid development of communication, language, and literacy. With Reception class close by, the transition to school couldn’t be smoother.

Children from the age of 2 start in Wren Class moving on to the Robins Class at the age of 3. Well-qualified and caring staff, led by our Nursery Manager Katie Kerr, plan activities that allow each child to extend their communication and thinking skills alongside their problem-solving capabilities.

Bright and airy classrooms, space for music and indoor play, and an enviable outside playground full of wheeled toys, all encourage the children’s social and physical skills to develop to the maximum potential.

There is an excellent staff to pupil ratio, with the use of specialist staff and facilities for music, ICT and French.

Every child in our nursery is carefully observed as they progress along their learning journey. This is shared with parents and encourages good communication between home and school. We aim to identify each child’s unique interests and abilities, allowing us to carefully plan their next step forward.

Brackenfield Nursery operates for 50 weeks a year, although term-time only places are also available.                                            We accept 15 hours Early Years funding, as well as childcare vouchers.

The best way to understand what we have to offer your child is to visit. Please contact us now to arrange a time that suits you.