Sport plays a very important role in the curriculum for all age groups at Brackenfield. We are fortunate to have our own playing fields adjacent to the school building and use of an excellent local indoor pool enabling children to swim all year.

Our experienced and dedicated games staff work closely with all pupils and motivate them to achieve their full potential. Each term they arrange and manage extremely busy fixture lists of competitive matches against other local schools. At Brackenfield all children are encouraged to play with and compete against their classmates from an early age. All sports are played competitively both single sex and mixed matches where possible.

In the Pre-Prep Department children aged between 5 and 7 enjoy games and PE lessons where they develop their co-ordination, ball skills and general fitness.

There is a dynamic programme of introduction to new sports and activities throughout the year to encourage children to try new skills and to keep healthy doing an activity they enjoy.

Once they move into the Prep Department they start to enjoy a minimum of five and a half hours' timetabled sport and PE each week. The major sports played at Brackenfield throughout the three terms are as follows:



Rugby, football, netball, cross-country, and swimming.



Rugby, netball, cross-country and swimming.



Cricket, rounders, tennis, swimming, athletics and Sports Day.